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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ron Paul Is The Only Hope We Have

 The government we currently have is criminal. I am listening to Coast to Coast which is airing a program about how our government has totally abandoned the Gulf War veterans and will soon abandoned the soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan - much as they abandoned the 911 rescuer. The suicides among the veterans are sky high, people are dying of cancer or committing horrendous murders. The VA does nothing - they are too busy denying that there is a problem.

That whore Janet Napolitano has the nerve to list returning veterans as potential domestic terrorists. They used depleted uranium in Iraq. Depleted uranium does horrible things - it is radioactivity - and then they tell the sick soldiers there is nothing wrong with them.

Not to mention the horror story left behind in Iraq. Innocent people killed and maimed, children born with severe birth defects. All because the perverts in our government think they are gifts from god.

If I hear another person complain about Ron Paul's foreign policy, I am going to punch them in the nose. If you are so hot and heavy to start another war, fight it yourself. Send your kids. We are being manipulated by a bunch of psychopaths who think they have the right to rule the rest of us. This is not about left or right, these freaks either want to kill you to save the migration path of a stink bug, or because there happens to be a few square inches on the other side of the world they do not control.

The entire Bush family should be jailed. The media needs to be charged with treason and criminal stupidity and thrown in jail. We are going to need to build more jails, which will please big corporate jailers, and then we toss all of the corrupt, treasonous politicians right in. The we get the attendance lists for those secret Bilderberger meetings or whatever they are called, and we throw them in jail.

Never heard of them? The Presstitutes do not feel you need to know. They are very real, though.

Start making lists. We are going to be very busy cleaning up this mess. John Corzine belongs in the cell right next to Bernie Maddoff.


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