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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where Evil Hides - The Ford Foundation

Did you know that La Raza and MALDEF were founded by the Ford Foundation? Ostensibly to "help" Mexican-Americans - but there were already local groups that helped Mexican Americans in a similar fashion that other ethnicity-based organizations helped new Americans from their respective home countries. These local organizations offered help to new-comers in a positive, pro-US, healthy way by helping them integrate and become Americans. La Raza, MALDEF and other subversive new groups did the opposite - they emphasized racial differences, sowed the seeds of unrest by teaching that the GRINGOS had stolen their land, and now unabashedly promote illegal immigration to the US.

The Ford Foundation - busy funding the destruction of the United States Of America. News articles and partial text from San Antonio Express and News - November 9, 1969.
A third problem arose in San Antonio, as a result of Ford's decision to create national organizations to represent the interests of Mexican-Americans in the United States. This fallout is still settling in. New York, Washington and San Antonio. "Ford," Henry Santiestevan of the United Automobile Workers has said "is practically alone in", helping Mexican-Americans. They were the first to recognize, that Mexican-Americans existed and needed help." That help has been channeled through two organizations — the Southwest Council for La Raza, located in Phoenix, and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund in San Antonio. They were invented in 1968 with Ford money ($630,000 to La Raza, $2.2 million to MALDEF) to function in the manner of the NAACP and the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund.'The theory, according to S.M. Miller, who was at Ford at the time and who is now at New York University, was that the Mexican-Americans were the most disorganized and fragmented minority In American life and that they needed national organizations to serve their social, economic and p o l i t i c a l needs. It was a good theory, but, unfortunately for Ford, La Raza and MALDEF didn't behave, in a rhetorical sense at least,'quite as conventionally as the NAACP and its legal defense fund. They were organized and staffed by people who talked the language of militancy and who were not content to spend their time and Ford's money on nothing more than law suits.

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