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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Attacking The Constitution - The New York Slimes

The article.

The US Constitution was designed to do one thing: protect you from the government.

Weakening the Constitution takes power away from you, and gives it to the government. If you are OK with that, by all means, keep watching TV. Do nothing. My mother always says education is expensive, and it appears we are going to learn the hard way, the expensive way, what a brilliant, wonderful, revolutionary document our Constitution was.

Tyrannical governments are nothing new, they are the norm, and people who want to take power away from you will try anything, say anything, do anything to do it. Once this happens, most of us will not survive. The people you are handing power to think there are too many of you and you eat too much and block their view.

The evidence is everywhere - hiding in plain sight. Doesn't it tell you anything that the national science adviser LITERALLY wrote the book on making sure you do not reproduce? Forced sterilization, putting stuff in food and water to lower overall fertility - it goes on and on. I bought his books, that is what he wrote, it is not a lie, it is in there.

Oh forget it.

I tried. You lose. Whatever.

If you don't care enough to save your own stupid life, maybe you do not deserve to live.

I am going shopping.


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