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Monday, February 27, 2012

Destroying The Economy Is Intentional - Get That Through Your Head

I am sitting here listening to a Tom McClintock's town hall meeting via telephone, and am amazed at how many people actually are under the impression that the myriad of idiotic policies and programs the various governments have put in place are supposed to help the economy.

Pretty much everything our moronic slave masters have come up with are either power and/or money grabs for themselves, or designed to torpedo the economy.

They do not want the economy to grow. They think the American Middle Class is "unsustainable" and they are busy fixing that, and installing a police state to keep you quiet once you notice. The various elite classes will still continue their lifestyles as usual.

That's it. Simple.

You will realize it eventually, don't worry.


PS, your government hates you. Really! It's funny, really.

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