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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Imagine This

Imagine just how angry the last people to realize just how big of a lie the presstitute media has been pushing on them are going to be. The downside to telling those lies big enough to make the public believe is that when it is finally revealed to be a lie, there is nowhere on the planet they will be able to hide.

I think it will make the Nuremberg executions look tame in comparison. The Nazis were hung like swine if I remember correctly from the tour of the courthouse. One or two committed suicide before they could be executed, but the rest were cowards to the end and wound up swinging from the ceiling on meat-hooks which served as impromptu gallows.

Of course, fate would be kinder to those in the know who developed a conscience and came clean about their roles in the grand plan, especially if they were merely going along with it due to blackmail. I suppose the same would hold true for the first few co-conspirators - after that, forget it.

All of this just goes to show that no matter how advanced the technology becomes, human nature is human nature, and though the props may have changed, the tragedy being performed on the world stage is as old as civilization itself.


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