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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Piss Off, Athiest

Damn that felt good. Now, as for those Atheists and their Progressive Pals, Eugenicists, Royalty, Globalists, Bilderbergers, Software Mogul turned "Humanitarian", Hypocrite billionaires, Hollywood Blowhards and Run Of The Mill Egomaniac Criminal, here is what you should consider.

When they ridicule, denigrate mock and undermine belief in God, they are not doing so merely out of intellectual curiosity run amok or pursuit of universal truths, they do so because the magnitude of their Hubris has caused them to regard themselves as Gods. They are jealous and envious of the power of God, manifested here on earth in the form of the faithful, and wish to harness this power for themselves.

Of course they cannot come right out and say this, so they spend their time touting "science" as the basis for their actions (except, of course, when science doesn't support their case) - which many find seductive as it appeals to those who value logic and reason. I am all for science, when it is honest science, but try to remind myself as often as I remember, that science is pursued by scientists and scientists are human - mortal, and fallible. Indeed, good science is not a matter of faith; quite the opposite - it demands as its cornerstone a healthy and consistent amount of skepticism to be of any use.

To put your faith in science is to put your faith in mere mortals. Since there is an overabundance of evidence, stemming from every nook and cranny of the globe where mankind has set foot, of the obvious shortcomings of man and womankind, how is it more logical to place your trust and faith in something that you know to be prone to error, stupidity and a plethora of other defects than to place your trust and faith in God? At least with God you have a fighting chance at being right.

Finally, placing your trust in God injects a much needed dose of humility into the human equation, and serves as a reminder of our inherent fallibility. So many powerful people in today's world operate with such certainty and confidence in their own abilities, beliefs and worldviews that they are guaranteed to fail. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this will likely lead to some very bad things. The Greeks figured this out 3,000 years ago, give or take, yet on we march, oblivious to what should by now be second nature - treading carefully, fully aware of our own fallibility.

So, as the attacks against faith intensify, stand up for God, whether you believe in Him or not. It makes far more sense than betting on something with a proven track record of being wrong.

No matter how snide the sneer or venomous the derision, the Atheist does not have the answers and is even having difficulty identifying many of the questions. They are free to believe whatever they wish, but have no business trying to convince others of anything, much less demanding to be worshiped themselves.

So, feel free to tell them to piss off.

Good night, sweet dreams and don't forget to say your prayers.


PS - Google will not permit me to enter "God" or GOD, but insists on changing my label to "god" so I guess we know where they stand. It has no problem with "Google", though...

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