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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Republican Party Voter Fraud

Here is what I am doing for this, probably last, presidential race: I will register as a Republican, vote for Ron Paul, then re-register as an independent - and I will never belong to a party again. How stupid we have been to think those corrupt pigs would actually risk their own little harmonious work environment and stand up for the people they represent.

Mitt Romney - what a crock. The only candidate getting more money from Goldman Sachs is Obama. This country has been hijacked by various criminal organisations and George Soros, a veritable crime against humanity in his own right. The so-called primaries and caucuses are a joke - in the end, it will make a difference only in HOW they steal your money and make you a slave to the state.

Google is dirty, too, btw - we need an open-source search engine PRONTO.

If you are still paying attention to any of the networks, other than to monitor the lies being told, - ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX... you are an idiot. Truly an idiot. It is only a matter of time until they start broadcasting nothing but girl's synchronized hoop dancing 24/7. The old Soviet run media were fascinated by girl's synchronized hoop dancing. I guess it must have had a calming effect on the PROLOs.

Baby Boomers, this is all your fault. I suggested baby-boomer happy camps at least two years ago, but did anybody listen? NOOOOOO.


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