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Monday, March 12, 2012

Elizabeth Emkin And Her Lucrative Autism Charity

My best friend just forwarded this advertisement for a newcomer to California Politics to ask me what I think of her. I was pre-disposed to like her, I must admit because Tim Donnolly, our best State Senator, recommended her. So I read her little bio and noticed 
"Emken has served as Vice President of Government Relations at Autism Speaks, the nation's largest science and advocacy organization devoted to the public health emergency of autism" 
 So, I went to and gave them a quick once over. How could something like a charity for autistic children be bad, you may wonder. Since I learned that Planned Parenthood is really about Eugenics, I trust nothing on face value, and neither should you.

Here is why. Look at the research they are funding - it is all about treatment of Autism. Not that Autistic children should not receive treatment, but this is a condition that has increased by the insane factor of 150 over the last 20 odd years. My first priority, would be to find out what the heck is causing this. This huge emphasis on treatment means acceptance of the status quo, and the creation of a new, lucrative industry, not surprisingly in the medical field, where government will be spreading the love big-time.

In short, this represents a cop-out and new way to make a quick buck.

Secondly, the research that is being done, seems to focus around genetics. Excuse me? How does a 150 fold increase in a disease occur via genes? Are they then saying that some new gene has been introduced into our gene pool? Or are they trying to imply wide scale damage has been done to our collective genes?

Anybody who has watched a medical drama or two knows that genetic illnesses tend to appear in a fairly stable percentage of a given population. I think I learned that in high school biology, come to think of it. Genetic illnesses do not increase by a factor of 150 in a span of 20 years.

It is more likely that there is a ton of money going to genetics in general and Ms. Emken as VP of Government Relations of this little charity is basically grabbing taxpayer dollars to use for an area of study which is far less likely to be at the root of the epidemic than an outside factor.

Thanks, but Republicans who think it is cute to waste taxpayer money on the cause du jour are actually called something else.

Furthermore, she is supporting the financial exploitation of a serious malady, and the diversion of scarce resources away from where they are likely to help the most. Perhaps out of stupidity, perhaps because she is another Eugenicist experimenting on the prolos.

They should be looking at environmental factors and vaccines. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of kids being fine until they get a series of vaccines - say the parents. I trust the parents enough to want it looked into big-time. Plus there is also a medical researcher or two who has posed this hypothesis only to find themselves systematically maligned and falsely discredited. Kind of like with Global Warming research.

So, she is either not too bright, or evil. In my opinion of course.


PS, Don't think this means I support that witch Dianne Feinstein. Reasons not to vote for her would sink a boat.

Emken 2012

March 12, 2012
Contact: Mark Standriff, Communications
(925) 395-4475 x206

California GOP Endorses Emken for U.S. Senate
First CA Republican Candidate to Earn Statewide Nod
Under New Open Primary Rules
(BURBANK, CA) - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Emken, an accomplished businesswoman specializing in efficiency and cost-cutting, and nationally recognized advocate for autism research and treatment, has received the unanimous endorsement of the California Republican Party in her bid to unseat Dianne Feinstein from the U.S. Senate.
“This is the equivalent of winning the primary under the old system,” said California Republican Party Executive Director Brent Lowder.
Under the new open primary system, Emken's endorsement gains the full support and backing of the California Republican Party’s statewide operations. Elected state party leaders met yesterday in Burbank as dozens of candidates from Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional races, as well as the U.S. Senate contest, made their bids for the party’s endorsement.
“This was a humbling experience and a tremendous honor to receive the Party’s endorsement,”said Emken. “I look forward to the challenge ahead and will start right away building a strong partnership with Chairman Del Beccaro and Republican leaders as we work toward victory together.”
Emken becomes the first Republican candidate to earn the Party’s statewide endorsement under a format established as a result of Proposition 14, California’s new open primary that eliminated the traditional ballot process to determine Republican nominees.
Emken has served as Vice President of Government Relations at Autism Speaks, the nation's largest science and advocacy organization devoted to the public health emergency of autism. Before becoming active with the autism issue, Elizabeth served as an efficiency and cost cutting expert at IBM, streamlining operations, eliminating waste and achieving multi-million dollar savings.
Elizabeth graduated from UCLA in 1984 with dual degrees in Economics and Political Science. Her studies also included course work at Cambridge University, where she focused on international political and economic issues throughout China and the Middle East.

I received this response via email:

Yes, you can publish this. The AAP has good information on the pros and cons of vaccines. We humans always want to know why things happen, because not knowing why leaves us in an unpredictable, frightening, universe. Autism is especially tragic, because up until about 18 months most of these children seem to be developing normally, and then that darling child starts to loose language, stops communicating, and withdraws from the world. This usually is noticed at about 18 months, which of course is when children receive their vaccines. It is understandable that parents would connect the vaccines with  autism, but it is nothing more than a horrible coincidence.

Of course there are risks in immunizations, just as there are risks in every procedure that invades the body, even having your teeth cleaned. Measles, mumps, diphtheria, scarlet fever, polio, are all diseases that can cause horrible damage to the child, but no one raising children these days has ever seen a child sick with measles, much less polio. My younger daughter did not get her vaccines because she had a cold when I took her in. I didn’t follow-up, and a few months later there was an epidemic of chicken pox. Anna had a pretty bad case, but my neighbors niece, the same age as Anna,  died from chicken pox. That was just 40 years ago. If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that the benefits of immunizations outweigh any risks.

If parents are really worried about having their child vaccinated, the best source of information is their own pediatrician.  I completely understand parental paranoia; it seems we can’t trust anyone. But if  they have a good relationship, and have trusted the pediatrician’s  treatment and advice in the past, they should talk about their concerns and follow the advice of their doctor.

When I was in school, back in the dark ages, it was generally believed that autism  developed because the child’s mother did not really love the child, even though she thought she did and acted lovingly (!). Schizophrenia was caused by the mother’s  ambivalent feelings towards the child; sometimes loving, sometimes rejecting. About 15 years ago, researchers suggested that the rise in autism was due to mothers drinking diet sodas while pregnant.  Current research seems to be focusing  on  possible genetic abnormalities. The only thing that is being researched as extensively as autism is obesity, and I  believe that eventually we will be able to answer that heartbreaking “why?’.

If you publish this, note that I am speaking for myself, not as a representative of USC or Children’s Hospital
Anita Britt, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor Clinical Pediatrics
USC Keck School of Medicne
Executive Director, Child Developement
Children"s Hospital Los Angeles
Update: May 26, 2012 - If there is no link, then why has our government been compensating victims with autism out of the vaccine fund? - (I am going to call BS on this. I had really hoped that this was not true, but I just do not see people behaving in ways which I would consider to be rational when confronted with this topic. The hysteria of the vaccine/autism link deniers approaches that of the cult pushing the Global Warming  Scam - questioning the current "consensus of scientists" brings about calls for arresting those doing the questioning - and/or big-time frownie faces which insinuate that one is some sort of murderer for suggesting that perhaps research might proceed a bit further on the topic. The astronomical increase in autism is coming from somewhere, and it seems that the companies pushing these vaccines may just have enough money to influence the discussion on this topic. Furthermore, given the significant writings on the topic of using vaccines for the purpose of population control, (Rockefeller Foundation, Our National Science Director John P. Holdren) I don't particularly trust our authorities.)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Treason - Leon Panetta

Only the Congress of the United States has the power to declare war. Not the President, Not the United Nations or NATO. This is high treason being committed right before our eyes.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

TSA Naked Body Scanner Perv Machine - Big Fake - Get Rich Scheme For Corrupticians

This fine young fellow took it upon himself to expose the scam and complete and utter disgrace that is our "Transportation Security Administration" (TSA). You are getting irradiated for nothing - watch this video to see how easily metal can be carried right through.

Again, the humiliation they put you through at the airport has NOTHING to do with security, it is a) an opportunity for the former TSA chief to make a quick buck on your dime and b) psychological warfare against the American public who are meant to become accustomed to submitting to government goons and learn their proper place in the hierarchy. How do you like being a doormat?

Yes, that Constitution that protected you from GOVERNMENT TYRANNY, sure is out-dated. Don't you feel smart as you bend over?


Monday, March 05, 2012

Wake Up And Stop Being A Slut

Isn't it interesting how "feminists" seem to think that giving away your most precious asset for free is empowering.

Apparently, Sandra Fluke, the 30 year old agitator posing as a doe-eyed 23 year old co-ed is having trouble funding her own sex life, so she wants you and I to help her pay for it.

Never mind that Catholic girls are supposed to wait until marriage to have sex - our 30 year old slut thinks that is outdated, and instead of respecting the fact that not all women want to be sluts like her, she makes it her personal mission to turn Georgetown U into a brothel. Misery loves company, I guess.

Has anyone stopped to consider why they are so hell-bent on making sure girls become sexually active the second they stumble across a willing male? This is starting in elementary school - the worst cases have school administrators giving the go-ahead to handing out birth control to kindergartners. Why?

Do you really think the reason behind this is concern for the girls' well-being? I do not. I think that the powers-that-be think we are animals and they want us to think of ourselves as such as well. We don't even get to be animals with standards - even in the animal kingdom there are plenty of species who are quite discriminating when it comes to the selection of a mate, and they are monogamous, too. No, we get to be the rats - but at the same time, they sure do not want us multiplying like rats - enter ubiquitous access to contraception and abortion. Please keep your focus on the sexual act, that is the goal - anything that results from your enjoyment is just a pesky little side effect and here, take one of these it'll make that go away.

There is nothing special about sex - there is nothing special about the creation of a new life - heck, it is better to wind up with a case of the clap than an unwanted pregnancy, right? Luckily, we have Planned Parenthood to come to the rescue. Such a wonderful organisation - always there to give you that abortion when you need it - and make no mistake - that is what Planned Parenthood is for - if Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger were alive, she would tell you herself.

Margaret Sanger had her own ideas about the world. First off, she saw it as her mission to do away with the "negro race". Shhhh - don't tell. They might not like that, so keep that to yourself. But, dear Margaret was not fond of the riff-raff and rabble of any color, so if you are not black and are feeling a bit superior, stop it - because she probably would have done away with you, too.

So, you see we have a bit of a paradox here. Our happy Eugenicists think the world is crowded, and they are busy doing something about that. They encourage promiscuity - to devalue sex - and then provide you an easy way to deal with the side effects - to devalue you. That is what this is really about. Devaluing you to the point where it is no big deal to have the little you ripped out of your womb, and if the little you is of no value, it is not a long walk down this path until we decide that the big you is kind of superfluous, too. After all, every time you exhale you are contributing to their contrived global warming emergency.

So, how about you get some self-respect, keep your legs shut like a nice girl, and go on and lead a happy, productive, worthwhile life. Give sluts like Sandra Fluke a big kick in their rather large arses.


Arguing for the killing of newborns as moral

Friday, March 02, 2012

Laughing at 911 "Truthers"? Watch This First...

Note from RH: This is the first credible item I have seen challenging the official 911 story. It makes me sick to my stomach, because the implications are horrendous. Nevertheless, the official story is BS, and while I do not claim to know who is responsible, there was far more to it than a bunch of wild-eyed Islamist extremists - and given the shredding of our Constitution, the financial "crisis" and the stealth implementation of Agenda 21 all over the country and the world, I say we take a look at Goldman Sachs, corrupt US politicians, The Billionaire Boys and Girls, Wanna Be's at the UN, IMF, World Bank, Rockafella, Bill "Kill'em with Vaccines" Gates, Ted "2 Billion 2 Many" Turd-er, George Soros, The Rand Corporation, Ford Foundation, Tides Foundation - all the foundations, really - Everybody with too much money and time on their hands who might come up with "Gee guys, let's take over the world" plots.