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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

TSA Naked Body Scanner Perv Machine - Big Fake - Get Rich Scheme For Corrupticians

This fine young fellow took it upon himself to expose the scam and complete and utter disgrace that is our "Transportation Security Administration" (TSA). You are getting irradiated for nothing - watch this video to see how easily metal can be carried right through.

Again, the humiliation they put you through at the airport has NOTHING to do with security, it is a) an opportunity for the former TSA chief to make a quick buck on your dime and b) psychological warfare against the American public who are meant to become accustomed to submitting to government goons and learn their proper place in the hierarchy. How do you like being a doormat?

Yes, that Constitution that protected you from GOVERNMENT TYRANNY, sure is out-dated. Don't you feel smart as you bend over?



Bferc said...

I'm not surprised. They will do anything to strip us of the Constitution by pulling false Security scams like this TSA Machine.

Retro Housewife said...

One just has to to look to either border to see that they care not about security of American citizens. BTW Carlos Slim is again the richest man in the world - still making a fortune off of phone service and calling cards and taxpayers. Much like the former TSA Director.