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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Occupy Bilderberg

Official Bilderberg Website:

For those who want to shine a little light on the criminals who control the world behind our backs, show up at Occupy Bilderberg (Face Crook page) - How'd you like that IPO America?

Glen Beck, why don't you ever mention Bilderberg?

Here is the official Occupy Bilderberg site.

Remember the good old days when you were a conspiracy theorist wack-job for saying that there was a Bilderberg group? Then it turns out to be true, so now you are just bad for not liking all of the important decisions being made by a bunch of European inbreds and their sycophant American groupies. Gosh, those were the days.


Hey John Kerry - What are you doing at Bilderberg? Aren't you some sort of elected official?

Who is actually still watching the Criminal News Network or Nothing But Criminals News Network? Boy are you going to feel stupid. Arrogance and stupidity seem to be the only hiring criteria at those places. Fox, ABC, CBS - same deal. You believe in make-believe if you get your news from those fools. British Brainwashing Channel - equally bad. They are all singing the same song - composed at Bilderberg, which doesn't exist, and is not occurring right now in Chantilly, Virginia at the Marriott. 

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