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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stupidity Alert - California Marches On With Cap & Trade

Oh Yeah, plant haters rule in California - Despite the obvious fact that plants require Carbon Dioxide to grow, the carbon tax religion is alive and well in California. The state is in its death throes, but the enviro-freaks in the former Golden State push ahead with their scam to carbon-tax the remaining handful of companies who haven't pulled up roots and left.

Unfairly burdened by a disproportionate number of stupid-hippy-baby-boomers, California insists on implementing nonsense policies devised by evil little Agenda 21 minions who see this as their only way to wealth and power - the enviro-sting.

Because roughly half the state speaks no English and the other half has acid-fried mush-for-brains, billions of Dollars will soon be funneled to obscure boards and committees with absolutely no public oversight - all of this to fix a problem that doesn't even exist.

Californians will be the last to find this out - simply because the residents here have never been big on critical thinking and are more concerned with square state bashing and patting themselves on the back.

Things aren't going so well here in paradise, despite what the liar-media says. I haven't had to wait in line once at Safeway so far this summer. This little vacation town is oh-so-very quiet.


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