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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Don't Forget, California...

Just a quick reminder to all Californians ...

The state is effectively pursuing the same economic policies as Spain. Therefore, if you would like to know what the future of the state is going to look like, keep an eye on Spain. They fell for the green jobs scam, too - are now on the verge of bankruptcy and have 26% unemployment.

Can't wait for that Cap'n Trade tax to start up in January - that should be really good for the economy...let's tax air! Let's also give the money to a bunch of goons who work for something called the California Air Resources Board. I wonder how this money will make its way to Goldman Sachs? Did Al Gore move to California so he could get in on the scam? These are things we will never know because the media is so corrupt they will just keep pretending that taxing air is a good idea.

Just in case we the people start getting ticked off about the intentional destruction of our economy, the government is busy buying drones to keep track of you, building camps to re-educate you in, and bullets to shoot you with should you prove to be a dull student. Really.


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