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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Health News You May Not Have Heard

Eating yogurt is really good for you and might be just as effective as ART therapy for AIDS patients. Says some stupid study I found out on a whacked-out site calling themselves US National Library of Medicine / National Institutes of Health.

Just send Pfizer or Merck some money so I don't get arrested for publishing this, and remember, you can really trust Bill Gates and Monsanto (he owns a big part) and the fact that his father was a big fat Eugenicist and headed up Planned Parenthood (organization with goal to get rid of black people) should be of no concern at all. Bill Gates should be able to release any genetically modified organism into the environment because he is God and could never screw anything up.

Bill Gates loves you. Really.


PS - if you are still breathing, you had better send Al Gore some money, too.
PPS - did you hear Merck just had to pay a $3 Billion fine cuz they were falsifying data on the safety and effectiveness of their MMR vaccine? Yeah, and some other stuff they were selling that kills people. Then, the mean old government made them pay a whole 10% of the profits they made on this stuff to the government.

Nobody goes to jail though, but I hear they did ask them nicely to stop doing it. Shut up and take your vaccines and Paxil. The government loves you.

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