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Monday, September 10, 2012

Americans Are Behind The Death Of Greece

It seems that the reason Greece is being tortured and killed is because the fascist occupiers (primarily Goldman Sachs) is paving the way for corporations to steal the gas and oil reserves off the Greek coast. Would you people please get a clue and stop with the fake party system? Follow the money. All Goldman Sachs executives (former and current) should be arrested and charged immediately - they are either the pawns or the perpetrators of the misery in the world today. I figure a little water-boarding might help the truth come out... luckily since torture is now legal in the US/world, we have this tool at our disposal - first candidates - Goldman Sachs. They now run Europe, and are systematically bankrupting the place. Obama is a pawn, Romney is a pawn. You are an idiot if you think things will change under Romney.

Your futures and probably your lives depend on you paying attention. Do so.

This guy, known as Mr. DAX - in Germany (explains in German.)

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