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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Consider Weather Modification...

Weather modification, defined here, and considered serious enough back in 1976 to result in a treaty, dubbed ENMOD, makes me wonder - in light of the complete corruption of the powers that be...and the freakish weather and the likes of Al Gore enriching himself to the tune of $100 Million - based on his weather scare - tar and feathers, anyone?

Do some research - think about it. Yet another reason to dump your cable and get your news online from alternative sources... cuz, I bet you think the whole concept is crazy - right? I did, until I started looking into it.



Anonymous said...

This whole 'do your research' thing is getting old. If you cut off your TV and read online alternative sources you are still getting only half the story.

The alternative sites lie just as much as the mainstream ones and for pretty much the same reasons (ignorance, prejudice and the desire to sell ads or products).

Retro Housewife said...

Perhaps you have no idea what research is. I did not say run off and find a nice conspiracy site and remain in your zombie state. There are enough original documents, treaties, declarations, forms, protocols, admissions, court documents, testimonies etc online such that a reasonably intelligent person can formulate an educated opinion on the matter. You must be young and have attended public school - it is not surprising that you make this mistake.