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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey Kid

You have the right to close your eyes and walk into the door, waste every opportunity given to you, spit on those human beings who gave up their lives so that yours might be better  - whether or not you judge a cause worthy, the men and women who died in our wars were trying to do just that.

I don't know who has been filling your head with such a warped, sad understanding of what your rights are, but our flag is the symbol of freedom and independence. When I was your age, I kind of liked those things. You would never catch me begging for detention and servitude. Seriously?

Our Constitution, one of the few founding documents on the planet that actually affirms that the little guy - you - has the inaliable right, given to you by GOD (i.e. can't be taken away for no reason by some PERSON, no matter how darn smart they think they are) to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. - Bet your source is real keen on convincing you there is NO GOD, too...

They will tell you our Constitution is outdated, that your rights also include a place to live, food to eat, an education and a comfy retirement, and they will give it to you at no charge... if you give them control over your life. That may be nice for awhile, until the day arrives when you want something which they do not approve of. Then you will discover that they will be the first ones to take away all of those things and much more. There will not be a damn thing you can do about it, either, because you gave up your rights and once you do that, you rarely get them back without significant pain, suffering and bloodshed.

Protest a policy, a politician, not the one thing that symbolizes your right to live your life as you see fit. Okay?


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Occupy Bilderberg

Official Bilderberg Website:

For those who want to shine a little light on the criminals who control the world behind our backs, show up at Occupy Bilderberg (Face Crook page) - How'd you like that IPO America?

Glen Beck, why don't you ever mention Bilderberg?

Here is the official Occupy Bilderberg site.

Remember the good old days when you were a conspiracy theorist wack-job for saying that there was a Bilderberg group? Then it turns out to be true, so now you are just bad for not liking all of the important decisions being made by a bunch of European inbreds and their sycophant American groupies. Gosh, those were the days.


Hey John Kerry - What are you doing at Bilderberg? Aren't you some sort of elected official?

Who is actually still watching the Criminal News Network or Nothing But Criminals News Network? Boy are you going to feel stupid. Arrogance and stupidity seem to be the only hiring criteria at those places. Fox, ABC, CBS - same deal. You believe in make-believe if you get your news from those fools. British Brainwashing Channel - equally bad. They are all singing the same song - composed at Bilderberg, which doesn't exist, and is not occurring right now in Chantilly, Virginia at the Marriott. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Thing About Greece

I have been coming to Greece for roughly 20 years - longer if you count the year I spent here as a baby. Greece is my favorite country in Europe - The Greeks are just nicer. They are not lazy as the BBC and CNN would have you believe.

For the first time I am staying in one of these generic "resorts" that have sprung up absolutely everywhere - promising visitors that but for the absence of the lousy weather they are trying to escape, they will have no idea they have even left home. They succeed.

Not 200 yards down the road is a less convenient, obviously much older hotel sitting completely empty but for the Swiss bikers who have taken up residence in the two apartments. The pool has no water in it, and there are no customers in the expansive beach restaurant. Boy, I wish I was staying there instead of generic-ville. Generic-ville simultaneously mimics British and German tastes with the occasional Greek this or that thrown in for good measure. Tonight they are going to parade a few Greeks around the pool with some music in what has been labeled "Greek night" with traditional Greek dancing. All very orderly, half the guests will get up and leave half of the way through and there will be little or not contact with the performers and the audience. The audience will clap politely.

The hotel down the road is owned (still) by a Greek family. Who knows for how long.

According to the Swiss bikers who have been Swiss-biking through Greece for the last 20 years, the EU and the damn EURO has meant tomatoes from Holland (dubbed water-bombs by my former German mother-in-law) fish from Japan - olives!!!! from elsewhere. It seems, Greece has been Walmart-ed.

The big bad EURO businesses came in and bought up the fishing licenses from the Greeks, so gone are the picturesque little Greek fishing boats and the means to make a living for a significant percentage of the population. What a scam.

My advice to Greece is "Nix wie RAUS" - Get the Hell out of the EURO and the EU! As far as I can tell, your average Greek has simply become an employee of some multinational corporation who gave them the shaft and is now complaining because the Greeks aren't grateful.

Lazy my ARSE.

The BBC is going apoplectic given the prospects that Greece might actually free itself from what has turned out to be an alternate ending to WWII in which the Germans and the Brits win the war.


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Real Airport Security

I just wanted to say to all those who think you have to get nuked in the TSA's naked body scanners or have your genitals grabbed in order to be safe when flying, think again.

Israel doesn't do that. Their security is vigorous, thorough, effective and respectful. They don't zap you with radiation, either. They use highly trained, patient and attentive professionals to screen travelers. I did have to strip down to my undies, but the ladies remained polite and respectful the whole time, and since the entire security procedure is confidence inspiring and genuine, I was happy to comply.

I think that my flights into and out of Israel were the first where I really felt safe. 

What is happening in airports in the USA is an affront to human dignity and is meant to be nothing other than that. They want to show you who is boss, and reduce travelers to compliant little sheep. The TSA is expanding their operations to roadways, trains and buses, too - did you know that?

Welcome to Amerika - where the Constitution was shredded while the people stood in line to have some half-wit stick his hands down their pants.



Right now, the only hope we have is Ron Paul. The other two choices, Goldman Sachs or Goldman Sachs will mean the complete loss of liberty and the total fleecing of the USA. Get a clue, there is no left and right - the story changes, but they keep doing the same thing. War, debt and police state. Did you read the latest on the re-education camps? If you think Goldman Sachs candidate number 2, Mutt Rommell will be any different, you are kinda dumb. Bush paved the way for this, Obumma is just another runner in the relay race to overthrow the country in preparation for the global control of the lunatics. There you have it.