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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

US Government Recording All Digital Communications

Listen to various "Officials" admit that all digital communications are being recorded. (If you are one of those types who thing "I have nothing to hide" you are too stupid for words. What if it comes down to you just wanting to hide some food to feed yourself or you family - and the powers that be simply think you take up too much space and would rather get rid of you altogether?) For the rest of you who can think past your nose, this is how it works: Pass a law which grants protections that are already ours to a specific group (in this latest case, special laws to protect the incompetent buffoons calling themselves journalists these days) thereby creating the impression that the general public does not have those protections - a special law is unnecessary, even harmful - our Constitution protects us from unlawful search and seizure - the appropriate action would be to bring charges against those doing the spying and put them on trial.

Now you see what all those special protections laws for minorities, gays, etc were really for. They were meant to condition the public such that nobody bats an eye when additional special protection laws are passed such as the recent one to "protect the media"- the law is not meant to really protect the media - the media are already owned - this is simply one more step towards eliminating the Constitution completely.

If there is a need for special protection for the media from government spying, and you do not have such special protection, the government can spy on you as much as it wants. That is what they want you to think. Since the crap media is controlling the discussion, it will never occur to you that you just lost your right to privacy.

Better wake up.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Who Signed The Monsanto Protection Act?

Yes, this crime against humanity was hidden in a gigantic appropriations bill - that is how the criminals get away with most of their crimes - most of their colleagues are either criminals themselves, too lazy or too stupid to read the fine print. Except of course if there is a good stock trade to be had - right Dianne Feinstein?

Here is the voting breakdown in the House : House Criminals Voting For Monsanto Protection Act and the Senate: Senate Criminals Voting For Monsanto Protection Act.

The Monsanto Protection Act basically protects the company from any prosecution if their poison kills you. Bon Apetit.