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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dianne Feinstein is very rich and you are not..

But keep thinking she cares about you... she is a woman, and everybody knows that women are nice and never do anything wrong. She and her husband have never used their influence to make their money - it is quite natural for a woman that has never held a real job to accumulate wealth in excess of $100 million, husband (he is just smarter than you dumbass) in excess of $1 Billion. They love you, therefore, money just comes to them!

What fun it shall be to watch your kids compete in the hunger games. I am sure MS. Frankenstein will be there to hand out the trophy if your kid happens to survive. If not, oh well. Sucks for them. Bad genes.

Dianne Feinstein never uses her political power for personal benefit. Really! If you thing so, you must be a racist, and must give up your guns and every other ability to defend yourself. Ms Frankenstein and her newly acquired Billions are deeming it so - cuz otherwise, when you and your needless eater (starving) children get all bent out of shape for lack of food, and get the conspiratorial idea to revolt, might get the bright idea to avenge yourselves on the guilty (Dianne Feinstein) party. So, slingshot for you, the might of your taxes and the firepower they buy, for Frankenstein and her criminal husband, Dick Blum, Richard Blum. You lose.


PS - Dianne Feinstein is also trying to define what it means to be a 'journalist' - she doesn't like bloggers... Instead, she wants to grant "protection" (like the mafia) to 'real' journalists - the definition of a real journalist being somebody employed by a media outlet that gets with her program. If you support this witch, go take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror - mostly to see if you have a reflection.

Here is Dianne Feinstein trying to convince you to give up all your rights - so she can have you arrested when you figure out what a criminal she is. Once the Global Currency Reset (GCR) occurs and you are destitute, Ms. Frankenstein wants to make sure SHE is safe. She couldn't give a rat's ass about you. Really.

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