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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Matrix - An Expose Of The Federal Reserve

The first time I saw the Matrix, I didn't really pay attention - all that action - who would have thought it had a message?

It wasn't until recently when I watched it again that I recognized the allegory of our current criminal banking system and the enslavement of the people. Here we are, running around thinking we are a free people, yet with every action in which we partake, we are further enslaving ourselves to a cabal of bankers - many of which appear to be foreign - likely originating from the City Of London - ie to a certain extent, the British. (I thought that South Park Episode was a joke...)

Then there was that one scene in the Matrix which shows all of the bodies in little containers, their energy being sapped for the benefit of something else - without their knowledge. In fact, their entire reality was phoney, imaginary - artificially concocted.

In truth, our monetary system is just that. An elaborate lie which year after year sucks the life out of the people by low but constant inflation, and increasingly burdensome debt. The debt is unavoidable - new money IS debt -  that is how the system was designed by the bankers back in 1913 (JP Morgan, Rothchild, Warburg etc.) and they have been sucking the life out of the world's population ever since.

When their evil system starts to fail, they start a war - as they are now trying to do in Syria and Iran. Perhaps they will get desperate and start World War III with China or Russia. Expect a false flag nuclear, EMP or large scale Cyber attack in the US. That will take your attention away from the Matrix of bankers long enough for them to emerge again on the other side and resume the grand suck. Didn't someone recently say to "Embrace the Suck"? Now you know who they work for.

If you would like to have any chance of coming out the other side, prepare for some difficult times and buy hard assets such as gold, silver, platinum, art, real estate, guns, ammunition, food....

all that stuff.  don't be stupid - unplug from the corporate/elite owned brain washing propaganda machine dinosaur media and do your own research. get yourself a copy of the US Constitution - the only document to stand up for the little guy. hurry.

and that is all I have to say about that.


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