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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Windows 8 - The Scourge of Mankind

Windows 8 is a cruel joke on mankind. For the record, I sometimes earn money off of selling this crap, but I feel really guilty about it, because you would be better off buying a donkey - or some gold - and just sitting out the Gates Gulag paradigm - yeah go get his life preserving (his) vaccines -and holler at those trying to warn you against  - cuz CNN says it is good - you stupid fucking idiots - go give up your guns, too - cuz  it is much better when the criminals rule, the politicians are very well protected - and you, stupid idiot are completely helpless - thank you Prozac - just don't care....

I will be sitting this one out in some civilized South American country - yeah - ironic ain't it? With the exception of Argentina and Venezuela - great jobs and such - hopefully they will avoid WINDOWS 8 - which is an affront to mankind and should be scorned like the plague  - specifics do not matter - would be a waste of time to list - if you can count that high - save your money avoid the final solution - buy LINUX or an abacus.  Get the competitive edge.