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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is this AnnMarie 16 - And Is She A Teenage Dirtbag?

Role model for your little girl - the Teenage Dirtbag. She is in obvious need of many abortions.

Or is this just another messed up exploitation of kids for corporate profit? Thought ciggies were, you know... out? Bet you, there is no real 16 year old connected with this page - just a rather evil marketing ploy to mess with kids' minds as they wish...

But I am sure this sort of thing is expressly allowed in the TPP - the super secret Trade Agreement your Glorious Leaders are currently "negotiating" on your behalf, in super secret land, - because, you know, - first they have to pass the bill, and then you get to see what is in it.

Sort of serves you all right for being so arrogant and not paying attention.