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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Learning To Howl - Wolf Dog Etiquette...

I have decided to come out of the forest - I own a wolfdog (wolf dog). A purely selfish pursuit and/or bucket thing.

At first I was hesitant to admit my little fluffy had a wolf heritage because of all of the considerable conformist animal zealotry I encountered on the web during my initial I-Want-A-Wolfdog research. Our nanny state society would prefer it if we all owned lobotomized golden retrievers who contented themselves with sitting in a garage cage for 23 hour a day - until we could place them on leashes and trot them out in public for an hour a day, placing any resulting doggie poop in government sanctioned doggie-poop bags, then leaving said bags on the sidewalk or side of the trail - as if that was some how better. (Contact me for advertising rates if you are a shill for those bags - rates start in the 6-figures and I get to abuse and make fun of you...)

(I am fairly certain some useless politician is responsible for this perversion of nature, and will probably win re-election forever, in some place like Santa Cruz - for this asinine waste of effort/resources/tax-payers' monies - (dog crap in a bag saves the environment.) Not to pick on Santa Cruz - Cuz up here in "Keep Tahoe Blue" land - they make you buy disposable trash bags to be able to recycle anything - But government knows best, as always - though in my last, far less environmentally conscious, smaller government, county of Ventura, they managed to comprehend the concept of the reusable recycling receptacle.)

Anyway, Wolfdogs are not lobotomized golden retrievers - or labs - which I am very happy about, actually. My friend up the street who owns an English Lab gets yelled at, threatened and accosted by annoying city-dwelling humans at a rate of at least 5 to 1 while taking Bowser for walk in the wilderness. Wolfdogs make a big, wide circle around people they do not know. No love bites for strangers, no stealing kids' sleds, no jumping on up-tight San Franciscans who consider themselves "Nature People" except if it touches them - then they call the cops or otherwise report you to the nanny-fascists.

Ideal companion for co-habitating with people who organize "play-dates" for their animals. You can just go around them - like they weren't there at all.