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Friday, March 14, 2014

Diary Of A Wolfdog - Propaganda

I just happened upon the special Cesar Melan did on Wolfdogs. I get to a certain point and just can't watch it anymore - it is fear porn. I understand why they are trying to put people off of the idea from owning a Wolfdog, but claiming Wolfdogs are going to eat your couch and then you is just silly.

Perhaps if you lock your Wolfdog up in your house and leave for two weeks, you might not like the redecorating Fluffy has arranged, but my experience is that they are for the most part quite civilized, but prefer the outdoors anyway.

People who live in the suburbs or in an urban area have no business owning a Wolfdog - cages and fences and ropes are just mean. They are smart social animals and need freedom and companionship.

Since I raised my Fluffy from a puppy, and had read about aggression issues regarding food, I made sure I got in Fluffy's face at meal time. Put the food down, add some more, take it away etc. Never a peep to be heard - in fact, the neighborhood labs if let loose make a beeline to our house and if the front door is open, gobble down Fluffy's food in about 5 seconds. He just sort of stands there and watches with a bemused look on his face, then wants to play.

He just loves to play. Not with humans or coyotes - with dogs. We saw a cat once, and he seemed to ignore it completely. There are not many cats around here because of the coyotes so keep in mind that is a sample size of 1.


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