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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Die He?

Nope - Live he.

Total inside joke. Like the one where in the old days we used to fear death and try to avoid it. The death cult is alive and well - they are no longer content to just try and kill off blacks - they are going full force - pretty white people are also now game. (See the cover of people magazine for the week...)

That is what they want you thinking about as they destroy your world. Gay sex seems to have become boring - so now they want you idiots to start talking about killing yourselves when you want to. (Obamacare dumbass). Like I have said many times before - I am totally OK with the baby boomer generation following the lead of their glorious leaders - but the kids of such may be salvageable.

Some of them.

Now - before you start bitching... go listen to the real version of the MASH sound track. It is called "Suicide is painless" - total anti-war theme - and no death wish.