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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Wake up people! It was fun pretending everything is ok - but it is not. It is uncomfortable, but you must recognize that we are at the end of the rainbow. This is not the next coming - it is simply the culmination of a monetary era! Our fake, thrust upon us, fiat Dollar is going to die. It is how it always happens - always.

Since our beloved Dollar is the reserve currency of the entire world, this will not be without ramifications. I could go on and on about what you should do to prepare, but there are many people out there who can advise you better, so listen to them.

All I am asking, is that after it happens, you demand freedom for yourself and your loved ones. As well as everybody else on this planet.

Non-aggression against your fellow man, woman and child - and voluntary interactions. Humanity is beautiful - just let it happen - nicely.

Just be nice,



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Divided Line said...

All money is fake. Even gold and silver are just supranational fiat currencies. If something doesn't have tangible use value, then it is just an exchange medium whose real value comes from a social relationship, not any intrinsic quality of the medium itself.