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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Wake up people! It was fun pretending everything is ok - but it is not. It is uncomfortable, but you must recognize that we are at the end of the rainbow. This is not the next coming - it is simply the culmination of a monetary era! Our fake, thrust upon us, fiat Dollar is going to die. It is how it always happens - always.

Since our beloved Dollar is the reserve currency of the entire world, this will not be without ramifications. I could go on and on about what you should do to prepare, but there are many people out there who can advise you better, so listen to them.

All I am asking, is that after it happens, you demand freedom for yourself and your loved ones. As well as everybody else on this planet.

Non-aggression against your fellow man, woman and child - and voluntary interactions. Humanity is beautiful - just let it happen - nicely.

Just be nice,



Hey Euro Vistors - Google tracks you and watches everything you do...

They said I have to tell you that.

I ain't doin it - they are.

Mir wuerde gesagt, dass ich Ihnen informierien muessen, dass, ich jetzt Teil der alles-ueber-dich Infosammlungsindustrie bin. Herzlinging Gluekswuench! (Or whatever)


Mon Dieu - Fuck Google.


PS - you going to do something about that? Or are your children going to be answering to the same bullshit you are? Like - your parents F**%^ up - but now you get to, too!