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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I Want A Divorce

As the political farce heats up in this comedy that we call democracy, can I ask a small favor? Can we have an opt out? Is there perhaps 200 square miles on this planet where we could just do what we want? Let's call it Woodstockville.

Let's make it a place where people can go if they do not want to be ruled by others. Let's build that wall - the rest can call it "bad people jail" (or America/Australia)- with the only law being you just leave us be. None of your "banking" or "health care" or "social justice" and that wonderful income redistribution or whatever else you come up with allowed. Just give us 200 square miles. Take the rest!

No worries! It will be a horrible place to live. nobody to nanny state us to death! JUST LEAVE US ALONE! I suspect 12 people will show up. You can let us all die - and then gloat!

I want out of this relationship! I want a safe house where I can be free! Surely we can carve out a place where just a few of us can be free?